Due to the partnerships set up within the company such as car finance specialists, we are able to provide our customers with over 20 years worth of experience in the industry, with the best finance lenders in the market therefore offering the most competitive finance rates possible. Leaving all current and new clients with the best financial car advice to establish what works best for you.

Personal Contract Purchase

PCP – PCP, or a Personal Contract Purchase, is fast becoming one of the most popular ways of financing the new car of your choice, simply due to its flexibility. You choose the car, the deposit, how long you want the contract to run for and the mileage you intend to do and in return you get fixed cost motoring for the term of the contract. At the end of the contract you have a choice to either buy the car outright for an agreed lump sum (the GFV or final balloon payment), or hand the vehicle back to the lender and walk away with absolutely no further obligation.


Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase – The customer will normally benefit from a slightly lower finance rate with a Lease Purchase product as there is no guarantee offered at the end of the agreement, the deferred capital lump sum amount at the end of the agreement is known as the Residual Value (RV), and this has to be paid by the customer for outright ownership. Deposits for Lease Purchase are flexible and are normally a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 50% of the total vehicle price, repayment periods are taken over 3 or 4 years typically.

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase – Hire Purchase, also known as HP, is perhaps the best known way of financing a new vehicle. It is basically a secured loan, meaning that the car finance company lends the money to pay for your new car, but retains a right to the vehicle. The way hire purchase works is that you make a regular monthly payment over an agreed term – usually between 12 and 60 months – after which you have full ownership of the vehicle from a legal standpoint. The secured loan aspect of hire purchase is that, should payments not be made on the car loan, the finance company has the right to take the car back.

Also offering various personal and business contract hires packages.

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