Before applying for any finance arrangement you must be aware that this can show on your credit file and affect your credit score in the future. All personal information will be kept for the purpose of obtaining finance and credit only and will be used in accordance to the Data Protection Act 1998.

As part of your application you shall be required to show identification. 

photographic Driving License as standard

and includes other forms such as -

Bank Statements - Stamped in branch
Utility Bills
and other ways we may ask to assist in proving your identity.
If any of your ID is out of date or unavailable please be sure to speak with your AMC Representative asap as we may not be able to proceed with your application.


Information for the customer

Your data will be passed on to a funder that best suits your financial position, who will process and disclose your information for the purposes of providing you with products and services, verifying your identity, make credit decisions, detect and prevent fraud, and comply with laws and regulations. For more information on our data usage, please see our privacy policy at To request a hard copy of our privacy policy or any further information, please contact us at 01206 760661 or We do not sell, rent or lease our customers’ data to any third parties at any time unless compelled to do so by law.

Thank you.

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Date Of Birth
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Home Address
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Previous Home Address
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Employer's Name - Address
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Previous Employer's Name - Address - Job Title
Previous Employer's Name - Address - Job Title
We only need this if at your current employment less than 3 years. Simply place N/A in the first box if you have been at your current employment more than 3 years
Eg. Current account, savings account
Eg. 20-20-20 - 00112233
Please state the car you require from one of the AMC team you spoke to. EG: Mercedes C220cdi AMG Line Auto Coupe
Including AMC Prestige Cars or any other loan provider
This shall be used to confirm your drivers licence ID at, or if you prefer you can do this yourself and give us the code to view it
Please note, if you say no then we are unable submit this to try and obtain finance for you
We run many security checks throughout the sales process to safeguard victims from ID theft and fraud and affordability of the finance. This can include contacting multiple sources from the information you give us and our own avenues of data for confirmation of your ID and income
Please put N/A if nothing else to add
Please select the name of the AMC staff you have been in contact with, if any
Even if you have not spoken to a member of staff personally, it would help us to know which branch you heard of or saw via social media or other forms of advertising