AMC Prestige Cars is a company founded and managed by Adam and Kimberley Miller. Adam is a former professional footballer with strong links to the sporting community and Kimberley combined her background working in sales and promotions to supply top quality cars to the retail market.

Established in 2010, it has grown to be a successful family business employing several family members and staff at our Essex office, plus a team of 10+ full time sales representatives across the UK. We have also recently opened a branch in Knightsbridge, London, in 2017 which caters to luxury car rental aswell as our usual sales and finance packages. AMC also offer a specialist brokerage service for our client base of Footballers ranging from Premier League to non league players due to many of the staff being ex-professionals in this industry. With this experience the team are more than aware of what is important to this area of clientele, showing discretion and understanding of what is needed. However, no budget or car is too small and we can supply any vehicle required for our customers with the same discounts and prestige service to all.

Alongside our high profile clients, the AMC team deal with the every day retail customer, working just as enthusiastically to secure the right car that works for each. After carefully selecting the correct member to work within the company who are dedicated and motivated, we have had great success in delivering the goods, on budget, on time and most important of all, offering a reliable service to all our very valued customers.

We offer more than just buying your next car, we chose the right finance package that suits each individual to their financial needs with the most reputable finance houses in the country, car customisation, paperwork completed online from the comfort of your home and discounts via our trusted relationships with all the main brands in the industry. Reputation is key to what we offer, this is why we will do all and more to keep our customers satisfied.

Our services..

  • New or Used Car Sales

  • Finance Packages

  • Car Customisation

  • Part Exchange of your current car

  • Long or Short term car needs

  • Complimentary free UK delivery to your front door

We welcome all customers of any budget for your complete car package or for any individual service we offer.

Based in Essex, we invite you to visit at our modern head office, set in the heart of the Constable Country amongst beautiful views, or pop into our London branch just a stones throw from Harrods in the heart of the city. However, our team work throughout the whole of the UK and can arrange to meet customers locally at your preference.


To speak with an AMC Prestige Cars Representative you can contact our staff personally for any vehicle enquiry or a no obligation quote:

Essex Office

Adam Miller | Owner Managing Director | Head of Sales | | 01206700761  ext. 01 | Twitter @amcprestigecars

Kimberley Miller| Owner Assistant Director | Finance Security and Head of Brand Design | | 01206700761 ext. 02

Matt Cripps | Office Manager and Sales Team | | 07483115080 | Twitter @amc_cars_matt

Lucy Gamble | Head of Sales Administration & Reception | | 01206 760661

Patricia Lovett | Finance Security Officer | 01206700760


Ashley Miller | Sales Team | | 01206 760661 | 077741251657 | Twitter @amc_cars_ashley

James Hartson | Sales Team | | 07827999131 | Twitter @amc_cars_james

Joe Carter | Sales Team | | 07545009995 | Twitter @amc_cars_joe

Josh Peers | Sales Team | | 07447403240| Twitter @amc_cars_josh

Louis John | Sales Team | | 07711854498 | Twitter @amc_cars_louis

Thomas Hong | Sales Team | | 07888969262 |

Wes Daly | Sales Team | | 07930532056 | Twitter @amc_cars_wes


Birmingham Office

Matt Myles | Franchise Owner & Branch Manager  |  | 07454 294 100  | Twitter@amc_birmingham

Josh Galvin  | Sales Manager  |  | 07595469013  | Twitter@amc_cars_joshg


Mike Hopkins | Deliveries Team

Steven Adams  | Deliveries Team